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Dear dog fans & cynologists,

Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan (KURA) is organization dealing with dog activities in Azerbaijan.
It was created mainly by young dog specialists, cynologists , dog trainers, doctors and veterinarians, biologists, breeders, and just ordinary dog fanciers. But at the same time among all there were some people of older generation with huge experience and practical skills. Those people are masters passed a Soviet school of cynology, but got through the changes era as a real professionals. Such a combination of youth and experience has given a good impulse for development of KURA. This impulse tended organization to become a national kennel association representing Azerbaijan in International Cynologycal Federation - FCI.
Since March 2006 after long discussions and visit of Mr. Karl Reisinger KURA become a FCI contract partner.
Nowedays KURA function as a national umbrella organization, representing Azerbaijan on International arena and regulating pure breed dog activities in accordance to international rules. Now our cynologysts and dog fans could represent our country on world’s dog Olimpus!!!

The main objectives of KURA is development of civilized dog fan’s community in our country, bringing the latest updates, international experience and regulations, modern techniques and methods to Azeri dag breeders and trainers, dog fans and owners. One of first duties is systematization and ordering a dog breeding and selection in Azerbaijan. According to this goal KURA implemented a computer data base with pedigrees of all pure breed dogs entered in KURA stud books, work on inherited diseases and congenital syndromes of dogs, breed allowance tests and trials, hip and elbow dysplasia investigations etc.

Another sort of KURA’s activitiy is National and International dog shows and competitions organizing. Those events are organized in accordance to FCI rules, lot of international Judges from abroad are invited for expertise, many participants from foreign countries visiting our events. In collaboration with neighboring countries which are FCI members KURA organize a big regional event – “CAUCASIAN WINNER DOG SHOW”.
KURA has created working contacts and collaborates with several kennel and breed clubs and associations from other countries. At the same time it support activity of local kennel clubs and Breed clubs in order to make a dog hobby more and more popular.
Our young and enthusiastic team has lots of plans to be realized and brought to life. So we are ready to put as much effort as needed to develop our national cynology and to enjoy this fantastic hobby and relations with men’s best friend – DOGs!!!


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